Tips for Keeping Mice Out of Your Garage

Since mice carry many diseases that can make your family sick and can damage your property by chewing on electrical wires, it is vital that you do everything you can to keep them out of your garage. To this end, here are some time-tested tips for how to keep mice from invading your garage and setting up their homes there.

Tip: Seal and Keep Your Garage Door Closed

One of the easiest ways for mice to get into your garage is for them to sneak through an open door or squeeze under one. By keeping your garage's doors closed and ensuring the doors have seals installed on them, you can prevent easy entry into your garage.

Tip: Caulk and Seal Your Garage's Walls and Windows

You can prevent mice from damaging things in your garage by keeping them outside. Since mice can enter into your garage through even a very small space, you must walk around the exterior of your garage every year and seal any small holes or cracks with silicone caulking. If you find any larger holes, they should be sealed with steel wool. Mice cannot chew on steel wool, so plugging holes with steel wool is a very effective way of keeping the mice out.

Tip: Don't Store Your Firewood Near Your Garage

Firewood piles provide ample cover for mice and many small spaces where they can make their nests and breed. For this reason, you should always store your firewood well away from your home and garage. Place pallets under your firewood and then cover the pile with sheets of plastic to further deter mice from infesting your wood pile.

Tip: Never Store Your Trash Cans in Your Garage

While you may be tempted to store your large trash cans or recycling storage in your garage, you should avoid doing so. Both trash and moisture are attractants for hungry and thirsty mice. Instead, you should store all of your trash and recycling materials outside and away from your home.

Tip: Clear Vegetation from Around the Exterior of Your Garage

Finally, you must clear any excessive vegetation from around the base of the exterior of your garage. Plants and bushes give rodents the cover they need to run around outside of your garage. By removing this cover, you will keep mice from spending their time outside of your garage and trying to find ways to gain access and set up their new homes.

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