What Are Residential Energy Storage Systems? Explanations And Benefits

There is a lot of hub-bub going around about residential energy storage systems right now. It is supposedly a really exciting way to save energy and be eco-friendly too. At least, that is about all one can glean from the tech blogs and utility blogs, but what is it really? What do these systems do? How can you benefit from installing a residential energy storage system? An explanation and applied benefits follows.

Solar Ties

Residential energy storage is a means by which solar panels collect excess energy on warm sunny days and then stockpile it in a sort of battery system. The storage "battery" acts as an energy tank, which is attached to your home's solar panels. When there is more than enough energy to power your home, the extra energy is stored and tapped on days when it is extremely cloudy or dark out. Additionally, for those that experience long, cold dark winter nights and really short winter days, the system is able to use all the energy it has stored during the longer, warmer days.

The best part is that the "battery" is a small box-like device mounted to a wall near your electrical box. It does not require maintenance, only monitoring of readouts. Currently a residential energy storage system is only available to you if you already have (or are about to install) a solar energy system in your home.


The benefits to having this added accessory to your solar power system are numerous. One, you never have to worry about not having enough power. Two, long nights, stormy weather and dark, cloudy days have no effect on your power availability and usage. Three, when your neighbors experience rolling blackouts or brown-outs, your home will still have full power. Finally, four, your decision to install the solar panels and residential energy storage on your home means that you have almost zero negative impact on your environment while simultaneously increasing the resale value of your home.


If you can swing the expense all at once for your solar panels, solar energy conversion and energy storage system, you will need to find a solar energy company that has these systems and is ready to install them. They are a little difficult to come by since they have not reached every market and retailer of energy products in the U.S. Hang in there, though. If there is no one near you who can install all of the above, there will be soon.