What Are Residential Energy Storage Systems? Explanations And Benefits

There is a lot of hub-bub going around about residential energy storage systems right now. It is supposedly a really exciting way to save energy and be eco-friendly too. At least, that is about all one can glean from the tech blogs and utility blogs, but what is it really? What do these systems do? How can you benefit from installing a residential energy storage system? An explanation and applied benefits follows. [Read More]

How To Avoid 2 Common Septic Tank Winter Problems

If you have a septic tank system, you are going to want to take precautionary measures to ensure that nothing goes wrong with your septic system this winter. Here are three common winter septic tank issues that your septic tank could experience as well as what you can do to prevent these issues.  #1 Frost Ruins Your Septic System One of the things that can easily ruin your septic tank is frost. [Read More]